We have all heard of termites, but what exactly are they?

Termites or white ants are small insects that live in large groups or colonies, mainly in hot tropical environments. The climate of Brisbane is an ideal breeding ground for termites. They are often called white ants, although they are not related to ants, they are closely related to cockroaches.

There are three groups of termites; two could affect your property!

Dampwood termites live in rotting wood and foliage so are no threat to our homes. Drywood termites are not native to Australia although they have entered through contaminated goods, packing containers or on ships. The biggest threat to our homes in Brisbane is from subterranean termites, they can go undetected for long periods of time and unless regular checks are made when they are discovered the damage could already have been done.

There are 360 types of termites in Australia; of these around 20 are threats to our homes. Ten of these twenty threats can be found in Queensland. One in every three houses in Queensland suffers from some form of damage by termites. It is for this reason that termites or termite damage is the stuff of nightmares for many owners of buildings in Brisbane. In addition to attacking the wooden structures that you have in and around your property, termite damage can also affect your property value and your health through your developing allergies.

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Termite Treatment in Brisbane

It is my educated guess that you are not reading this article for the good of your health but because you have a problem with termites and that you wish to learn how to eradicate or remove them. Maybe you have discovered termites in your garden or there are termite trails close to the base of your home. Worse than that would be you hearing the sound of the termites munching away in the wall cavities or on the roof of your house.

Assessing the damage

Once you have discovered a termite infestation (and that is scary enough in itself) you have to then discover at what stage the infestation is at. Just how much damage has already been done and ultimately what is it likely to cost you in repairs!

You should now be looking at who to bring in to help assess the damage and what they need to do to fully eradicate this infestation in or close to your property. You should not be overly worried at this stage; termites are a problem in Brisbane. The city lies in an area that is the ideal breeding ground for termites coupled together with lots of people living in this area bringing in more of the materials that termites thrive on.

But you should not worry, because termites are a problem in the city of Brisbane, there are lots of experts out there to tackle this problem for you.

How will an Expert Assess the Damage?termite treatment brisbane

When you the homeowner made the discovery that there are termites on your property, what you discover is usually just the tip of the nest. As I have already stated is you will need an expert that is qualified and experienced in the field of termite treatment in Brisbane to come in and remove that problem from your home. An expert in termite removal will fully inspect all the areas of your home from the top to the bottom to assess the amount of damage that has been done.

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What is used to remove the termites?

Once the extent of the problem has been assessed the expert will use a termicide such as Termidor to eradicate them. Any infected areas found inside your house will be the first to be treated; this is followed by treating the soil and concreted areas surrounding your house. This then creates a barrier around the entire perimeter of your house. An expert from a company that offers the best service will return about 4 or 5 weeks later to do further checks that the removal of the termites was successful and none remain. Once your property is given the all clear it is very important that you carry out or have regular checks completed to ensure the problem has not returned.

Is there Another Option, Why Can I Not Do it Myself?

You could take the option of removing the termites yourself, it will save on the cost of using the services of an expert, so why do people not take the cheaper option available to them?

Let’s look at this one step at a time. An infestation of termites could cause irretrievable damage to your property if left untreated and there are reasons why the experts are the leaders in this field of termite treatment in Brisbane.

termite treatment brisbane

Finding and Eliminating the Source of an Infestation

By using a DIY method the problem is often a temporary solution, the problem has not gone away, and it may remain dormant for a while then return at a later date. Professionals will discover the source of the problem and eliminate it at that point. DIY treatment kits do not give your that option.

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What techniques are used to eliminate an infestation?

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, there are several types of termite. An expert will discover which type is on your property as a different approach may be required depending on the type of termite you have. This can vary on the soil as this can vary across the city; experts know the typical make up of the soil in each area. You do not get this option from a DIY treatment kit, a DIY kit gives you a standard component to treat all types, and it is more effective on some than others.

Other factors to take into consideration include the age of your house and the materials used in its construction.


There are no guarantees given to you with a DIY kit, once your home has been given the all clear after an infestation has been eliminated most of the expert companies offering termite treatment in Brisbane will give an 8 year guarantee against the problem returning. I would just like to add that it is advisable to have an expert carry out an inspection visit of your property every year just as a precautionary measure.


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