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When is a Termite Inspection necessary?

Termites are a pest in Brisbane and the surrounding area and they can cause considerable damage to your home if they are left undetected. Termite, often referred to as white ants could potentially destroy your home in less than three months. They are prevalent in all areas of Brisbane, built up areas are especially attractive to termites because they provide a constant source of food for them to thrive on.

So, back to the original question of what are the reasons you might need to have a termite inspection in Brisbane?

There are three reasons people require a termite inspection in Brisbane:

  • Potential new home owners having a house inspected as part of the process of buying a hometermite inspection brisbane
  • If the owners of a house suspect their home might be infested by termites
  • Or thirdly, as a preventative measure against any potential future problems caused by termites in their home

A Termite Inspection in Brisbane Prior to Buying a Home

When you are in the process of buying a new house you would not want to discover you have a termite problem shortly after you have decided on the price and moved in. Most insurance companies in Australia do not cover for the damage that is caused by termites. This is why an inspection prior to completing all the legal paperwork is so important and could save you a fortune later.

It is advisable to use the services of an expert inspector that specializes in detecting termite infestations. You must engage in the services of an inspector that conducts a thorough inspection and not one that just taps a few walls and relies on a quick visual inspection.

During a thorough inspection equipment such as termite radar, thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters and boroscopes are used to determine whether or not termites are present in the building. When you are potentially investing thousands of dollars into your new home it is only sensible to be a little prudent and have a house thoroughly checked considering this is a major problem in Brisbane and its suburbs.

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Suspicions that you might have a Termite Problem

The second reason why you might want a termite inspection in Brisbane is because you suspect your home may be infested with them. You may have heard some noises in your walls, or spotted some mud tubes. Other suspicions could be raised by seeing termites in the vegetation around your home or while doing a renovation project you stumbled upon some live termites within your walls.

termite inspection brisbaneBy the time you make these discoveries the damage could have already been done and in the worst cases the repair bill could be as much as rebuilding the home. Fortunately the worst case scenario is not an everyday occurrence and if the problem is detected early enough treatments and barriers can be used to eradicate the problem. Once a termite problem has been eradicated you need to be on your guard against their returning, you should have regular inspections and service calls completed by experienced inspectors. Always use inspectors that are familiar with the local area, with the habits of termites and particularly with subterranean termites which are the biggest threat from this species in the Brisbane area.

What Preventative Measures Can You Take?

Prevention is obviously the best method when it comes to dealing with termites, they may be small but they are very clever and very resourceful. They can burrow their way beneath your carpets, even beneath or behind your tiled floors and walls. They can gain entry into your property through the water pipes or the tiniest of spaces measuring just one or two millimeters.

One effective measure is to not have any vegetation close to your homes external walls and not having flower beds around the border of your property. Newly built homes are now required to have termite barriers installed during the building process. In older homes this is not the case although you could have them installed.

There is a belief among some homeowners that if your home is constructed from hardwood then intrusion from termites will not affect them. There are some termites that thrive on hardwood so being complacent by listening to rumours could ultimately cost you thousands of dollars.

At the absolute minimum, an inspection to determine whether or not your home is infested with termites should be conducted every twelve months.

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What Inspectors are Looking for During a Termite Inspection in Brisbane

Inspections and checks are carried out to determine if your property is free of termites or if it is in fact infested by them. Termite checks are also completed to help determine if your property has suffered any extensive damage to key areas such as the framework or main structure of the building. Only use companies that actively use the latest products in termite detection, these should be non-intrusive devices that can accurately pinpoint the location of any termites that may be hidden away behind the walls of your property.

The latest devices should include thermal imaging cameras and Termatrac devices.termite inspection brisbane The Termatrac device is able to detect live termites that are hidden away inside timber or products such as plaster board. They will accurately detect the termites with there being no disturbance to their routine. Using the latest products that are available in this industry means that a termite inspection in Brisbane by an experienced inspector can quickly locate the entry points into your home used by the termites, these checks can also find the location of and potential damage to areas of your home that have been infested by termites.

Why would you call us for a Termite Inspection in Brisbane?

When we carry out a termite inspection in Brisbane we will give you a full written report in easily understood English, free of any technical jargon. This report will also include recommendations on how in the future to proceed with treating potential infestations and how to prevent them from being repeated. You will also receive confirmation of future inspection reminders; this may be through the mail or more likely through email. The recommended maximum period for inspections set by the Australian Standards Commission is every 12 months. However, be aware that a significant amount of termite damage can be achieved in just three months, so as a home owner it is good to know where the weak spots of your property are and keep an eye on those.



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