How to Control Termites and White Ants in Brisbane?

Termite Control Brisbane must always begin with a full and very thorough inspection of the property in question. This inspection is in accordance with the regulatory body as set by the Australian Standards Authority.

Initial Inspection and Findingstermite control brisbane

The thorough inspection includes the use of thermal imaging cameras to determine the areas of termite activity and once these areas are identified, provided the conditions are correct and enough termites are found a process of Termidor dusting or foaming is carried out.

Controlling the Infestation

Controlling the infestation is basically eradicating the entire nest and hopefully sealing off the routes they were using. An effective method is through the use of Termidor dust. This product is a very finely ground cellulose, similar to talcum powder and it is combined with Fipronil, a special ingredient that sticks to the termites. Termites love eating this product so it is quite easy to eliminate them, it can just take a little time. Tiny holes are discreetly drilled into the areas where the termites are the most active. Termidor dust or foam is then sent into these known active galleries. The termites inside the galleries are coated with the product and unwittingly carry it back to the nest. The treatment is then delivered by hundreds of termites to thousands that are present in the nest.

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Usually all the termites that have a dusting of termidor will have returned to the nest within 24 hours, and the worker termites, soldiers and queen will have fed from them. If the dusting procedure is successful then all termite activity will cease inside the house, it can in reality take two or even three attempts before this is achieved. Once the technician is satisfied that the colony is eliminated the next procedure is to seal the holes.

The dusting procedure is normally given a few days to fully take effect, once all the termite activity has ceased inside the house it is time to move on to the next stage of termite control. The next stage is the hopefully effective treatment of the perimeter of the property.

termite control brisbaneFoaming is a quicker option than dusting as it kills the termites quicker, but if the nest is a long distance from the site of termite activity it is not as effective. The technician will usually be experienced in knowing this and then deciding which of these is the best option.



The Second Stage of Termite Control

Before the second stage of termite control in Brisbane begins it is advisable to have the ground plans of the property showing the accurate locations of water, electricity and telephone cables and pipes and the positions where they enter the property, this information can help avoid any problems possibly arising when drilling holes or digging trenches if they are required.

Perimeter treatment is designed so that termite access to your home is restricted through the creation of a treated soil zone around your house through which the termites are unable to penetrate. When there is a concrete layer beside or below the house it is normal for technicians to drill holes through this layer and then inject a product known as liquid termiticide below this layer, it is injected under immense pressure. The holes drilled are each 12mm in diameter and less than 200mm apart. Once the chemical has been successfully applied the holes are filled with concrete of a similar colour or plastic plugs are used the leave no long lasting marks making it obvious what work has been done. When there is a soil layer next to the house exterior walls the technician will create a trench down to the footings, flood the area with the chemical solution, re-fill the trench with the soil and then flood this area with the chemical.

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Conclusion. The Final Stage and Follow up Checks

Once the treatment has been completed you should ensure that the company you employed to eradicate the problem make periodic checks, the first should be about six weeks after the second stage has been completed. If any repairs are required they are good to go ahead with once you have had the six week check. Follow up checks should include annual inspections to ensure no termites have returned and that the perimeter treatment remains an effective deterrent. We offer effective termite control in Brisbane and you can purchase a five year cover plan that includes an annual inspection.