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rat pest control brisbaneRats can be some of Brisbane’s most destructive pests; they can chew their way through electric cables, plastic water pipes or chew their way through your walls. They can carry a variety of diseases that could cause humans some major health problems or affect your domestic pets with being carriers of fleas and ticks. It is essential you use an expert in dealing with rat pest controls in Brisbane.

How to Effectively Control Rats in Your Home

The numbers of rats being found in people’s homes in Brisbane increases after periods of flooding or heavy rain, as does the onset of colder weather. You may discover an infestation through signs such as rat droppings or hearing them inside your home. To effectively control them you need to stop their breeding cycle. Rats breed at an alarming rate with a litter being usually 5 to 8 babies, females can have a new litter up to 3 times each year and female rats can begin breeding at 3 or 4 months old.

You should seek expert advice when it comes to laying traps. The bait used in rat pest control products is toxic and poorly laid bait could be harmful to pets or even small children, care should be taken when handling traps and stored carefully. External traps are highly effective in areas where there are chickens, guinea pigs and caged birds. Experts can also close off access points into buildings used by rats and give advice about possible food and water sources that attract the rats.

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Why do I Have Rats in My House?

In Brisbane, just like in other locations, mice and rats are attracted by easy sources of food, also in cooler weather they will look for a warmer environment. If you have a neighbor that keeps chickens or other livestock that requires food scraps being left out, this will attract rodents. If someone leaves cat or dog food outside, particularly overnight this will attract rats. Poorly maintained waste bins, drains or overgrown gardens are also popular spots for rats. Even well maintained properties can be invaded by rats.

Methods to Use to Reduce the Risks of Infestationsrat pest control brisbane

The best thing is to employ good hygiene in your outside areas, keep your lawns trimmed, removing any waste and avoid leaning things against walls that could provide dry areas of shelter. Keep trees trimmed with no branches toughing your roof space. If you have any fruit trees, any fallen fruit should be collected. In Brisbane rats are particularly fond of bamboo plants; they like to nest under the roots and will feed off the new shoots.

How Much Damage Can a Rat Cause?

Rats have continually growing teeth so they need to gnaw at plastic or wood to wear their teeth down. They will chew anything and like to nest in warm spots. They are likely to chew your electricity cables, light fittings, plastic water pipes or even water hoses on washing machines or dishwashers. They will chew holes in walls to nest in buildings insulation materials.

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Will Traps Affect My Pets or Young Children?

When setting traps it is essential you use an expert or at the absolute minimum seek professional advice as a poorly set trap or its bait could be harmful to both your pets and small children as either could try to eat the highly toxic bait. Traps should be placed into secure locations where your domestic animals and small children cannot gain access to them. When handling the traps and bait protection in the form of gloves should be used to avoid contamination through the hands.

Can Rats and Mice be Fully Eliminated?

Mice and rats are very effective in breeding very quickly. When given the ideal conditions such as an adequate supply of food and water, as well as good living conditions just a few adults could become a population of over one hundred in just a year. They need to be eradicated through pest control methods while making sure their access routes are blocked. They can gain entry through even the smallest of holes so it is a very difficult task to fully eliminate them.


Professionals in rat pest control in Brisbane will provide you with detailed safety advice, will check out your property to see what can be done and your Rat Pest Control professional in Brisbane can make sure an infestation or pending infestation can be taken care of in a safe and effective way.

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