Pest Inspection Brisbane, why would you need it?

It is important to have regular pest inspections in Brisbane simply because the climate of the city is such an ideal place for humans to live and thus for pests to thrive if left untreated.

Where Should You Look for Signs of Infestation?

Pests generally try to avoid the open air and any bright lights, the majority of pests are nocturnal so you rarely see them during the day. Most nests are only discovered by chance when doing some routine maintenance or cleaning. They might be hidden in dark recesses, areas of your home that are rarely visited by you or missed during cleaning, ideal locations for pests. Other pests may be hidden within your walls or deep underground. You may see signs of infestation, such as discarded skin, droppings or signs of damage.

Once you suspect you have some form of infestation you may have to employ the help of a specialist to eradicate the problem. These inspectors know the type of areas where pests thrive and they are local to Brisbane so are used to dealing with these problems on a daily basis.

What is Included in a Pest Inspection?

Pest inspections in Brisbane can cover several species of pest commonly found living uninvited in or near to our homes. Professional inspectors know what to look for, and know what type of pests may be more prevalent in some areas of the city than others.

Professional pest inspectors will usually begin with a visual inspection of your property that includes the interior and exterior. They will be looking for signs of damage and possible entry sites. They will also inspect areas such as the roof cavity and any accessible sub-floor areas. This inspection will take between one and two hours depending on the size of your property. You are then usually given a report on the findings of the inspection and any recommendations as suggested by the inspector as to what treatment plan is necessary regarding your property.

Inspections relevant to Termites

A pest inspection in Brisbane that is relevant to an intrusion into your home by termites can be a more thorough ordeal as this often relates to inspections of the timber within your home, conducting tests using highly sensitive equipment such as movement and heat sensors to establish where they might be nesting. The test will be checking for active live termites as well as dead creatures to determine to possible size of the colony and the damage already caused. A termite inspectors report will give you the relevant recommendations as to how the problem should be treated and the best methods to use in eradicating these pests.

How Much does a Termite Inspection Cost?

The cost of a termite or pest inspection can vary greatly on the area of the city you are located in, the size and age of the property. You should expect to pay around AU$200 up to AU$400 for a termite inspection. Once the inspector has completed the inspection and fully assessed the damage caused you can expect treatment to cost up to AU$3000 possibly more. In extreme cases the damage is so bad it is actually cheaper to rebuild the house. If you are thinking of buying a house, make sure you have in inspection done as part of the buying process. Read more here

Termites! What do they Look Like?

Pest inspections in Brisbane are likely to find the majority of termites in the city are of the subterranean type of this pest, so what do they look like?

They are often known as white ants, and while at first glance they may look similar they are actually closer to cockroaches than ants. Subterranean termites come in three castes of termite within a colony. They are known as reproductives, workers and soldiers. They are all a creamy white colour, appearing almost translucent and similar in size, shape and colour to a grain of rice.

The reproductives are also known as swarmers and have a pair of even sized wings which make them mistakenly identified as flying ants. They set up new colonies through their airborne activities. The workers look very similar except they are a little smaller in size and are without wings. The soldier termites have oversized heads and are equipped with large mandibles capable of crushing anything in their path.

You can find more information on what termites look like in our article about the different kinds of termites. Click hereĀ 


It is important that you have regular pest inspections at your home in Brisbane as termites can cause considerable damage to a property in less than 3 months. You should do regular visual checks yourself and repair any cracks or crevices that you may have in your home making easy access for these pests.