Pest Inspection before buying a house pest inspection before buying a house

When buying a new house or proposing to buy it is normal to have a house inspection to get the assurance from an expert building inspector that your proposed new home is as strong and stable as it looks. What some people fail to do is to get a full and thorough pest inspection. This aside from the house inspection could lead to several serious consequences if it is ignored.

Ideally you should ensure a pest inspection is included in the purchase contract and if it is not completed or the results mean the house has too many pest issues you are full entitled to refuse to complete the contract. Purchasing a home is a large financial investment, for many people the biggest one they even take on. Ensure a fully qualified professional pest inspector is employed to conduct the pest inspection.

Why you Should Hire a Professional

A qualified pest inspector knows the areas of a house that pests tend to favour so will look to those spots first. These areas are often away from easily accessible areas of the house and will include the interior roof space, the heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, electrics, plumbing, floors and walls.

Pests are not easily seen by the naked eye and many pests are nocturnal so live in the dark in small hidden spaces so a good pest inspector while knowing what signs of pests to look for will not rely on just a visual check, they may also use some sophisticated equipment such as motion sensors and thermal imaging cameras to find the hidden pests.

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What Pests Might be Found in a House?

Pests such as cockroaches, fleas, mites, bed bugs, mice and rats are worryingly quite common inside our homes and if left untreated can cause health problems in addition to being unpleasant and uninvited intruders. In Australia’s hot and humid climate pests thrive so a house that is not as clean or has poor levels of up-keeping could easily become a breeding ground for pests. Termites, lying hidden inside walls and wooden areas of the house could potentially destroy a house in around 90 days if left untreated. A pest inspection, depending on the size and condition of the house should take between one and two hours.

What is looked for During a Pest Inspection pest inspection before buying a house

In Australia, particularly in a city such as Brisbane the damage is often from termites, so damage to timber, walls, door or window frames are common indicators. They are hidden from view and checks are made using thermal imaging equipment to determine if any are present. If there are holes in your roof allowing for easy access to the roof spaces there could easily be rats, mice or even possums living there. They will eat through anything including electrical wiring so if undetected they could cause major repair problems at a later date. Other areas to check are in the garden, if there are signs of routes that pests are using you can discover the entry point into the house, it could be through the tiniest of spaces or cracks, all are indicators to a qualified inspector of a house being infested with one or more types of pest.

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Requirements before a House Purchase Loan is Approved

pest inspection before buying a house

If you are buying your proposed home through an approved lender they will usually require some forms of guarantee that the property they are lending you the money for is a good investment, for this reason you will need a building and pest report from an approved and licensed pest and building inspector before your loan is approved. If there are any areas of concern raised on the report this could delay or even cancel your ability to complete a deal on that home.

Options Available for Pre-Purchase Inspections

When you approach a company requiring an inspection of a property they will usually give you three options. The first is a pre-purchase building inspection. This is required to evaluate the condition and structural condition of a building and is required before being approved for a loan. The second option is as we have been discussing, a pre-purchase pest inspection. The third option is to have both the building and pest inspection completed together. This is the most sensible option of the three as both are needed to be completed anyway.