Pest Control Brisbane Prices

Not just in Brisbane, but Australia has a wide range of pests that can find their way into your home and cause you some serious problems if not treated correctly. So what is the price you should expect to pay to eliminate pests?

What are the prices charged for pest control in Brisbane?

This will depend on what pest has decided to invade your home. For a general treatment of pests expect to pay $165 to $315 dependent upon the size of your house. Once it has been established what pests you are infected with then effective treatment can begin. Using pet safe intrusive barriers around the perimeter of your property is an effective method of controlling pests. If you have a really serious infestation problem you may have to vacate your house while it is fumigated. You should also seek the advice of a professional in how to successfully tackle any future problems.

Bed Bugs

Treating a problem such as beg bugs can cost anything between $400 up to as much as $1600. This common problem in Brisbane is both unpleasant and a potential health risk, potentially so if you have small children. The most effective way to eliminate this pest is by using a heat pod; it will kill all the bugs in one treatment cycle and is free of chemicals. It is advisable to have a follow up inspection to ensure the problem has not returned.


The price of pest control in Brisbane for removing cockroaches can cost initially from $50 up to $100 (for a small business) the average 3 bedroom house starts at $209, and that may eventually cost up to $350 for their complete removal if additional periodic visits are required. To fully remove these pests’ fog machines may have to be set up to kill all the roaches and their eggs which will require your property to be vacated whilst the machines are in use. You may want to place protective barriers around your house to eliminate the possibility of the problem returning.

Fleas and Ticks

The price you may have to pay in Brisbane for pest Controls against the infestation of fleas or ticks will cost around $220 for a single level 3 bedroom home with a possible second visit to ensure they are all eliminated. It has become an increasing problem in recent years within Brisbane and is eradicated by spraying the inside of your home as well as the exterior.

Mice and Rats

The treatment of rats and mice will cost you $242 for the initial survey and treatment (this does not include extra’s such as lockable bait stations) any additional return visits are charged at around $165. Most residents in Brisbane will have had some experience of this problem, and any infestation of this type can be unpleasant and a risk to your health. An experienced pest inspector will know the typical areas where to look and find where the infestation originated from. Baits and traps will be set up; you can decide if you wish to use lethal or non lethal traps. Once the infestation has been cleared you should take advice on how to keep these pests away in the future and how you can proof your house from further invasions.


Inspections for an invasion of termites usually begin at around $220 for a 3 bedroom home, the overall cost for treatment can vary depending on the level of treatment requested. Termites are one of the biggest problems to face Brisbane residents when it comes to pests, it can also be one of the most expensive when it comes to the cost of effective treatment. Termites can find several ways into your home and the bigger the house then the more expensive treatment becomes. If the problem is severe you may have to leave your house for up to a week while the building is treated to eliminate these invasive pests. There are several products available when it comes to effective pest control to treat termites in Brisbane; one of the most popular is termidor. You may require more than one visit by the experts in removing termites and once removed you should have regular inspections to ensure they have not returned.


This article has been written to give you an outline guide to pest control in Brisbane and the prices you should expect to pay. If you have a pest control problem you may require the guidance of a pest control expert and get a quote as to the actual cost any treatment may require.