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Controlling Residential Pests

Pest control experts are on hand in the Northside of Brisbane to offer their expert help and knowledge should you encounter any pest problems.

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The experts in this field have an amazing knowledge of the fauna, insects, vermin and anything that may be trying to get into your home.Brisbane’s beautiful subtropical climate makes the local area a place that bugs and local wildlife can easily thrive so it is often good advice to prepare well against future potential pest issues occurring in your home. Preventative measures now may save you a fortune later.

A small gap in the cavity of your roof could be an inviting new home for a family of possums that will be hell bent on destroying your home, alternatively measures taken now against an invasion of insects could save thousands of dollars if those insects are eating away at your home.

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The Most Common Household Problems

Brisbane’s Northside does have several pest control problems; they are usually easily dealt with but here are some of the more regular ones to affect residential areas of the city.

Mice and rat infestations can be a problem particularly when people leave food waste or regular sources of food for them to survive or even thrive.

Snakes can be a problem particularly if your house is in or close to an area of forestry. The snakes are on the hunt for food and houses are often an easy spot to find something. Snakes can be easily caught and taken to more remote areas.

Ants can be anywhere in and around your home. They usually get inside when there is a wet weather. Many ant colonies live in your wall or roof cavities.

Termites are a continual problem for homeowners across Brisbane’s Northside. Go to our dedicated pages about termites by clicking here.

Cockroaches absolutely thrive in the climate of Queensland, they are unfortunately everywhere and that will probably include your home.

pest control brisbane northsidePossums are another problem as they love taking up residence in the small spaces such as roof cavities. Once they are inside your home they need to be removed as quickly as possible and any spaces sealed up to prevent further invasions. They not only make noise, they also leave a lot of unpleasant smelling deposits all over. In the longer run this can be a huge issue for the health of your family. Possums need to be caught alive and taken to a more suitable area for them to live.

Spiders need to be kept in check, while it is almost impossible to keep them out entirely they need to be given no easy place to set up home. One spider can produce thousands of offspring so they do need to be controlled. Having many spiders also attracts hunting spiders, some of which are very poisonous.

Calling in an expert can help eradicate any pest control problems before they take over your living space.

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Pest Control in Commercial Premises

Commercial premises can include offices, schools, factories, shopping malls and warehouses among others and it’s important to take the necessary preventative steps before pest control becomes a recurring problem. Large sized structures may have to be fumigated regularly just to keep pests at bay.

Common Pest Control Problems within Commercial Premises

Problems in commercial premises can create so many more variables than those in residential premises due to issues of larger buildings and multi use facilities. Kitchens are not able to be fumigated with the same chemicals used when dealing with factories or warehouses.

The Most Common Infestations in Commercial Premises

The most common instances in commercial premises occur with these pests

Mice and rats are regularly found in or close to businesses that work with or store foodstuffs including kitchens or food storage warehouses.

Pigeons and other similarly sized birds can be a continual problem in buildings such as warehouses and large sized sheds. A good deterrent is using netting or spikes to prevent entry.

Commercial kitchens or places that are regularly damp are attractive locations for both cockroaches and silverfish.

The roof spaces of large commercial buildings attract not only possums, but also rats and mice. They can be noisy pests in addition to being unhygienic unwanted visitors leaving smelling deposits in places you cannot easily reach to clean.

Ants can regularly cause problems and need to be removed from inside or around the outside of commercial premises.

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The Most Common Pests in Brisbane Northside

Australia is reputed to have a large variety of dangerous and troublesome pests, while there is a certain amount of truth in this stereotype; the large majority of pests found to require control are largely harmless. While venomous spiders and snakes may make the headlines if found inside someone’s home the large percentage of pest control experts in Brisbane’s Northside are on a daily basis dealing with less deadly pests such as rats, cockroaches, possums and ants. The most common trait in attracting pests to any location is the easy access to food (and this can be very varied depending on the pest) and a moist environment

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There are several species of venomous spiders in Australia but due to the use of anti-venom there has not been a human death from a spider bite in the country since 1979. Most spiders do not have enough toxin to kill a human but the reputation continues. Spiders will weave their webs in corners of buildings, in air vents and between cracks in the walls. Some will weave a web in your garden. The best preventative measure is to fill in any cracks or holes in your brickwork and vacuum regularly. In your garden clear up any unwanted rubbish or piles of rotting vegetation.pest control brisbane northside


If you have pets, there is a good chance that at some point they will come into contact with fleas. If fleas come into your house through your pets then the problem can get out of control very quickly. A simple way to avoid this is to regularly wash or clean your pet or pets. If DIY methods do not eradicate the problem then pest control companies in Brisbane will be able to help, they are well trained in dealing with cases like this.


Ants enter houses in the search for food; you should beware as some ant species do bite which can be a painful and lead to infections. Generally getting rid of ants is quite easy, seal off the entry/exit point and clean up any food residue that attracted them. Cover or discard whatever foodstuff attracted them. Natural items to help remove ants include borax or vinegar. These are especially preferred methods if you have pets or small children in the house.


Pests in whatever shape or form are a nuisance at best or a costly annoyance if the problem is more widespread. This is one of the problems we face living in Brisbane’s almost perfect climate. While we can do little about the climate we can do more to protect our homes and commercial properties from pests. There are measures you can take to prevent pests from returning, if this is something you cannot do yourself then contact professional advice. There are lots of experienced pest control experts in Brisbane’s Northside that can show you the correct steps to prevent pest incursions from being repeated.

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