What to look out for regarding safety of termite treatments?

Most of the methods used when treating termites are chemical based and so require the use of certain safety measures when these treatments are applied. While people may be a little worried or concerned about the affect these chemicals may have on their homes, these chemicals are especially designed with regard to killing or the removal of termites from the infected areas of your home. The termiticides are safe when applied in the correct manner and by a trained professional, when correctly applied they pose little or no risk to humans or to your pets.

Safe Methods

The latest and most effective products available for controlling the spread of termites are registered as being of a low hazard to humans and household pets. These products are free of any obnoxious smells; they do not emit any residue into the air and are entirely free of any fumes.

One of the best termite control systems on the market is the baiting system. It uses little plastic stakes that are embedded into the ground; these stakes periodically emit small doses of chemicals that are only toxic to the termites. The good thing about this system is because everything is below ground level then your pets and small children will not be able to gain access to it. This baiting method is also environmentally friendly and much safer than the older outdated methods of treating termite infestations.

Soil-Applied Termiticides

As an added safety precaution you might want to vacate your home during the time it is being treated with a soil-applied termiticide. This treatment process requires that the ground floor of the building and the perimeter surrounding your property are treated with a termiticide to hopefully eliminate the termites from any locations they are nesting in beneath or in the vicinity of your property. Once these chemicals have dried they remain in the soil where they have been applied and once correctly applied they should protect your property from termites returning and re-infesting the treated areas.

Termite Fumigation Methods

Another safe method of treating termites is through fumigation although you will need to vacate your house for about one week using this method. Termite fumigation involves the use of strong chemicals. The entire house is covered with a fumigation tent or awning, gases are then released and the area sealed to prevent any fumigation gases from being released. It can take up to a week before you can return home although after about three days the fumigation tent is removed and the house begins to be aired. If any odors remain after one week they are completely harmless to humans and your pets.

Small Scale Infestations

When a home has just a small level of termite infestation that requires treatment in just one or two small specific areas it is usually safe for the occupants to remain in the house. This type of treatment requires the use of chemicals being injected directly into the infected areas such as crawlspaces or into the walls of your home. These areas are usually small, dark hidden areas where nobody can easily gain access to, making ideal places for termites. There may be a little lingering unpleasant smell immediately after but this is not harmful to humans or household pets.

The above treatments are all available through professional termite extermination companies with years of experience in dealing with this problem. However, professional treatment is not cheap and there are some do-it-yourself termite extermination methods you can use.

Complete an Inspection of your Home

The most obvious signs of termite infestation come from mud tunnels created by the termites to give themselves easy access these can be found on walls or across the floor. If you can hear sounds coming from your walls there is a good chance you have a termite problem. Another sign is traces of wood or plaster close to a small hole or opening where termites have gained access to your property.

Liquid Pesticides or Bait

There are two methods of extermination you can use when dealing with termites. Liquid pesticides or bait, it is up to you to decide which one you prefer to use. Liquid pesticides are best used in the ground surrounding your house. They can be quite effective but due to the toxicity of the chemicals they can also be quite hazardous when used by people with little or no experience in dealing with this problem. If a too strong solution of chemicals are used it can also be hazardous to your plants and small animals that may visit your garden. Termite baits are possibly the safer option of the two.

Liquid Pesticides to treat Termites

You should read the accompanying instruction manual carefully before using any pesticides and carefully follow them step by step. You will probably have to dig a small trench around the perimeter of your property. Then you should apply the pesticide into the trench following the written manufacturer’s instructions. This barrier should then kill the termites. It is best to use non-repellent types of pesticides as these will kill the termites to hopefully leave your home termite free.

Ridding your home of Termites using Termite Baits

Another possible solution to exterminating termites from your home is to use baits. Poisoned termite baits use materials that attract the termites that then unwittingly carry the poison back to their nest and eradicates the termites in large numbers. Termite baits are not as fact working as the chemicals and can take two weeks or more to be effective.


Although it costs more money, by far the safest methods are to use the services of a professional termite extermination team. They know what they are doing and have the experience to get the job done effectively. If you try one of the d-i-y methods and it is not successful you will have to use the services of a professional, so for reasons of safety and effectiveness using a professional is really the best option when asking is termite treatment safe.