For years as a 1 income family  with a couple of small children and being an at home mother who was also in charge of the home finance’s i had always just “assumed” that hiring a pest control technician to come and rid my infested rental home of creepy crawlies was a luxury we simply couldn’t afford. Instead like many of us have done over the years i tried ALL the “do it yourself” over the counter supermarket products that NEVER WORK. Armed with as many cockroach bomb cans as i needed to douse every room in disgusting messy poison. I would pack everything up, cover everything else with sheets and lay newspaper on the floor underneath my cockroach bomb, pack up the kids and close all the windows and from one side of the house to the other as fast as i could with a tea towel wrapped around my face i would set the bombs and run !!! Then you say your prayers, leave the house for hours on end to ensure every last creepy crawly infesting your home gets a good dose of poison while you try to distract a couple of small children for a few hours while you wait.

It never worked …. i think the poison in these products did more harm to me than the bugs. You get home and open all the windows to air the house out from the horrid smell thinking “surely this time it worked”   while you clean up all the messy white residue left all over your house, wash all the sheets and unpack everything else you stored away. Basically you have to clean the poison you actually needed to kill the bugs. It’s messy, it takes time and if it ever does work its never for long. My things became so infestered from one rental we lived in that we just had to throw everything away and start again. The toaster, the sandwich press, the kettle , dvd player and even the fridge motor became so infested they needed to be chucked. Then they get into your photos frames between the glass and a photo of someone you love. By this point you have almost given up and we decided to move house. The loss of things you had worked and scrimped and saved so hard for and had to throw out was a massive blow to the budget and was quite heart breaking.

You continue with the battle as new products come out, now we have sprays for inside and outside, easier than bombing but you basically get the same result. I also tried the automatic sprays which killed the flies and kept the ants away in the kitchen but also meant that my family and myself were also inhaling and getting a good spray too – every 5 minutes or so NOT GOOD !! If you timed it badly you would walk past the unit just as it released the poison into the air.

There has to be a better way…

This was my life for the first 10 years of my children’s life. You desperately try every home product on the market to protect your kids more than anything and so your food doesn’t become infested and need to be thrown out. Another cost associated with pests in the home. My eldest son is also athematic and spent the first 10 years of his life in and out of hospital with breathing associated illness…….. Until finally i called Critical Care Pest Management. By now i am a single mother with a little more say about how to spend my finances and decide now that i again have had to buy all new items to fill our new rental that i also need to investigate about the cost of pest control in my home. Making that initial call i was prepared to call a heap of local technicians to get the “best price” but after speaking with Mark decided to opt for the best service. Doing my studies i quickly learnt the best price isn’t always the best service and i did NOT want a service equivalent to another “do it yourself home job”  that doesn’t work. If i was going to hand out another dollar on pest control it needed to be to someone who could actually help me and Mark was that guy.

I can happily report that we no longer have a pest control problem. EVERYTHING is gone , the cockroaches, the ants, it’s all gone AND the price was actually a really good surprise. Not the punch in the guts i was expecting. I got off the phone feeling relived and excited that i was going to have a “professional” come and sort it out. Something i had stupidly always assumed was a luxury and didn’t even look into due to the fear of feeling obligated to book it in if i made a call and being trapped into a bill i didn’t know how i was going to pay was wrong. I was wrong !! I could afford it and to think of all the money i had wasted actually NOT booking in a professional like Mark was my only disappointment. Now it has become a necessity. Every year i book it in and not only is my house pest free but my children’s health is also dramatically improved and i know each year how much my service is going to cost and that Mark actually cares and will listen to my needs and address them with a professional and thorough attitude. I cannot recommend him enough. No more clearing out the cupboards and cleaning up the aftermath and no more disgusting poison smell. Mark use’s products that are safe for my children and pets and i don’t even have to close the house up and then let it breath afterwards before i can go back inside. I could actually stay home if i wanted to. What a difference it is when you hire a professional. Thanks Mark.