Best Termite Treatment in Brisbane

If you suspect termites in or around your home and need termite treatment in Brisbane, what to do?

There is little doubt that termites are a big problem in Brisbane and that if left untreated they could literally eat their way through your house in as little as three months. So the only way to eradicate these pests is by using the best termite treatment in Brisbane. So what is the best product to use and how should it be applied? Read on to find out, and eliminate these pests before they have a chance to eat through your home.

best termite treatment brisbane Termidor

This product has long been labeled as the best treatment option for Brisbane homeowners when it comes to eradicating termites.

What is Termidor?

Termidor is a liquid chemical that is non-repellent and is applied into the soil that surrounds the external footings around your home. It is the leading liquid termidicide used in Brisbane in the fight against termite invasions. There are several reasons why this product has become so popular among homeowners and termite eradication specialists.

The Transfer affect

One of the advantages of termidor over other products is its transfer affect. Termites do not detect termidor when it has been applied into the soil. When termites enter the zone that has been treated some will die while others will unknowingly transfer the chemical back to the nest. Termites are very sociable and the chemical is easily passed to other members of the nest, causing maximum damage to the colony.

Is it safe to be used in the home?

Termidor is a very safe product. Its active ingredient is called Fipronil which is in the chemical family of phenylpyrazole. In Australia, Fipronil is not classed as a dangerous chemical. It is the same ingredient that is used in the product “Frontline” which is used in a neat condition onto your pets to help them in the fight against ticks and fleas.

How long is Termidor effective for?

The manufacturer of Termidor, BASF, states that once applied, it is effective in Australia for eight years. Independent field tests have been conducted in Australian conditions, using Australian termites with positive results for that period of time.

Even the experts believe in this product as the best termite treatment in Brisbane!

Inspectors and field operatives believe that using the transfer chemical – Termidor is much more effective than using bait or repellent type chemicals in Brisbane. Termidor is especially effective when applied to existing structures such as when there is a need to drill through and inject Termidor into and below paths and driveways.

Other Termidor Products

Improved Formulation Termidor HE

HE stands for High Efficiency, this product brings a new level of effectiveness in the fight against termites. The advanced formulation used by Termidor HE allows the product to spread further through the soil than was previously possible allowing for an even more protective zone against termites. Provided the soil is not disturbed, this formula remains in place as an effective barrier for years. The advanced formula also means that a wider spacing is possible resulting in fewer drill holes required when the product is first applied.

Accredited Applicator’s

Accredited applicators are termite technicians or companies that are licensed in Queensland to use products such as Termidor. Anyone having this accreditation gives their customers the added assurance that they provide a service to the highest standards. Another product that offers you peace of mind is the Termidor 2 Million Dollar Warranty. With this product you are guaranteed cover for structural damage up to the value of two million dollars once your property has been treated against a termite infestation for an agreed period of time.

Additional Termidor Treatments

Termidor Foam

Termidor Foam is a treatment method applied through a foaming machine during a period of initial treatment. It is a product especially useful in eradicating live termites from a structure in a safe and economical combination.

Termidor Foam is especially useful if termites are found nesting in your house, in the stump of a tree or in a retaining wall. If, on discovery there are several live termites the foam can be applied to prevent the termites from chewing their way through your house and safely and quickly eradicating the termite colony from your property. This can easily be completed before the remainder of your home is fully treated against termites.

Termidor Dust

This is a formulation that uses termidor in a dust compound. Once the termite infestation has been established, small holes are drilled throughout your property and the termidor dust is puffed into these holes by hand. Once applied the termites then carry the particles of dust back to their colony where the social aspect of the termite soon distributes the dust throughout the nest. The dust contains the active ingredient “Fipronil” which is highly effective against termites but has no harmful effects on humans or your pets. Termidor Dust is proving to be very effective against the two major types of termites found to be prevalent throughout Brisbane and once applied it can eradicate a termite colony in just 2 to 4 weeks.


Conclusion: So what is the best termite treatment in Brisbane?

There are several products on the market in the constant fight against termites in Brisbane. You can find cheaper products available, but why would you take the risk when you are protecting what is probably your most valuable posession? By going cheaper it could easily cost you much more long term in repeat treatments and more importantly in unnecessary damage to your home by these uninvited guests. Stick with the experience and guidance of the best termite pest controllers in Brisbane using the most confirmed and  best termite treatment in Brisbane!