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Termite Control Brisbane

termite control brisbane

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Termite Control Brisbane

When termites are found in or near your home, Termite pest control brisbane  can help you choose the most (cost) effective woah to make sure your home is safe from all or additional termite damage!

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Termite Inspection Brisbane

Do you expect termites or just want peace of mind? At Termite Pest Control Brisbane we can check your home and surrounding area for any termite activity. We will give you our honest opinion every time.

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Pest Control

Do you think you have rodents or are bugs bugging you? Termite Pest Control Brisbane can help you! We have safe treatments for rats, mice, silverfish, lice, flees, ants, spiders and anything else….. Your first call pest control Brisbane

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Why do you need to call Critical Care Pest Management?

termite pest control brisbaneAt Critical Care Pest Control Brisbane we specialize in checking if any termites are in your home or nearby and if they would pose a threat to your valuable home. If a treat exists, or termites have already entered your house, we have state of the art tools to pinpoint where the problem is situated and we have all the newest products and methods available to perform a termite treatment on your home and garden so termites don’t have a chance!

We also have all tools and experience available to perform a pre-purchase termite inspection in the Brisbane area on a new home for you, so you have complete peace of mind when entering into a purchase contract.

Apart from termite control Brisbane and Queensland, we are experts at Pest Control in and around Brisbane. If you need mice or rat pest control, need a silverfish treatment in your home, have found fleas in your home or have trouble with possums and snakes around or even in your house, we have a solution for you! We also have pest control solutions for ants in and around your home.

When moving in our out of a rental property, we are able to execute the desired or necessary pest control.

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Is Termite Treatment Safe?

What to look out for regarding safety of termite treatments? Most of the methods used when treating termites are chemical based and so require the use of certain safety measures when these treatments are applied. While people may be a little worried or concerned about...

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